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Do you need European safety data sheets in several languages?

Maybe you wish to prepare for export, or have landed the distribution of a product in Scandinavia, Europe or other countries.

All other things being equal, it will be easier to start selling if the European CLP No 1272/2008 - REACH No 1906/2006 and No 2020/878 safety data sheets are in place.

We create safety data sheets in all European languages and accoring of course in accoridance with CLP No 1272/2008, No 2020/878 and REACH 1907/2006 + national regulations. 

If you need at least 4 safety data sheets created for the same product in different languages/nataional reilatuons, we can do this for just € 199 
each - otherwise, the price is € 219 each.


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TAGS: Update European SDS all European countires and regulations according to CLP No 1272/2008 - No 20202/878 - REACH No 1907/2007.