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Test and measurement of liquids related to flash point, boiling point, vapor pressure and viscosity.

If you need measurement of flash point, boiling point, vapor pressure or viscosity contact us.

As a natural development of our customers' needs and collection of services, we now offer various measurements and tests of liquids and solids.

Why test, measure or analyze?

There can be several reasons for measuring and testing, specifically with regard to flash point and boiling point since it has an impact on the product's CLP chemical classification, and thus the labeling of the product itself.

In case of oil products, the kinematic viscosity at 40°C also has an influence on the classification of the product.

It may be that your company import products from other parts of the world, and therefore need to have an independent measurement of certain parameters in a liquid product or substance, for confirmation of given information.

And we are sure there are probably many more reasons to test.

All test are done in laboratory.

Price for measuring liquids:

Flash point Closed Cup DIN EN ISO 2719, ASTM D93.

Price 150 €.

Boiling point:

From 230 € - depending on product/substance, contact us.

Vapor pressure:

From 230 € - depending on product/substance, contact us.


From 230 € - depending on product/substance, contact us.

Depending on test will we need around 250 - 300mL on the product/substance.

We have the possibility of many more tests and analyses, write to us if you need test according to for example DIN EN ISO, DIN EN, DIN, OPV or ASTM.

Test according to UL 94, DIN 53 438 part. 2 and DIN 53 438 part 3 is also an option (ask)..

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