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Hazard statements are appended to products or compounds depending on their classification. GHS - Global Harmonized System - is a classification system created by the UN. Based on GHS, the EU has created CLP - Classification Labelling and Packing - a classification system meant for the whole of the EU, and currently under implementation.

Currently, some statements are marked "R", for "risk phrases". These will be replaced with "H" statements, as in "hazard".

Similarly, the current "S", or "safety phrases" will be replaced with "P", or "Precaution statements".

Finally, the EU have chosen to create their own EUH statements, to provide additional information about substances and mixtures thereof.

Please note that the new CLP system also gives rise to changes in how the percentage content of products are to be hazard marked, and how. The future will not make classification easier, that much is certain, and there is no doubt that Health & Safety departments will be taking an even closer interest in safety data sheets and workplace guidelines in the years to come.

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