MSDS Europe offers a variety of services, depending on whether you are a manufacturer, importer, or company in need of managing your MSDS and/or technical data sheets.

Keep track of the company's safety data sheets and relevant pdf files, plus search among limit values for UK, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. - 14 day free trial.


If you are a manufacturer, we offer our expertise in developing your MSDS/SDS in any European language and according to all existing national laws. That way, you avoid the high costs for personnel, who must be constantly updated with all REACH rules.

As a service to you, we can also place your SDS here on the site, where your clients can download them. It is not a requirement that your SDS be developed by us in order to be posted here. If you choose to have them posted here, you simply link to this page, from which your customers can download the SDS. That way, you avoid having to send them via email or spending time uploading them to your own page, as we take care of everything. If you have any other requests, please contact us.

Are you a manufacturer outside Europe?

Manufacturers outside Europe often have quite a bit of trouble delivering the right information for use in REACH MSDS. If you are a manufacturer from places such as the USA, Asia, Africa, Russia, or the Middle East, you may want to contact us, as we can be of assistance in preparing MSDS in accordance with REACH and, therefore, European rules.


As an importer, you also have more options. You can choose to use us as your provider of SDS for your products, and you can opt to have SDS posted on this site, so your customers can find them easily and quickly. Of course, we can also register the product for you, if you import products that fall under these rules. If you have any other requests, please contact us.

Business or public institution:

If you belong to a company, public institution, municipality, or region that uses products with MSDS/SDS, we can keep track of them for you. It may be that you have multiple departments, and therefore, would like to have all the SDS collected in an external place, where everyone can access and find them easily. By appointment, you can send all material safety datasheets to us, so we can post them where you can easily access them. Perhaps you need an external entity to ensure the quality of incoming material safety datasheets? Of course, we can also post workplace instructions or technical datasheets, so all departments and employees can find them easily. If you need us to contact your suppliers of products with SDS, whereby we can ensure that the latest updated SDS are always posted, naturally we can do that as well. If you have any other requests, please contact us.

Be aware, on you have templates for work environment in national language and according to national regulations for Sweden, Norway and Denmark..

We live in a world where no two clients are alike, and therefore, we do not believe in package prices; rather, we tailor each package to the exact needs of you, our customer.

See packet prices on, or contact us.

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